Saturday, March 10, 2018

Climate Change Awareness and Art

©Betty Butler, Throw Away Ocean, Print, 2017      

My art has recently explored the beauty of shells and seashores, therefore I have naturally extended my concern to climate change and the oceans themselves. This new series of abstract ocean art continues to employ digital collage of my acrylic painting and photography.

©Betty Butler, Coral Grief, Print, 2017      

©Betty Butler, Ocean Flower, Print, 2018

Monday, August 22, 2016

Bright Beaches

Sea Life Dance, Art print, © Betty Butler, 18" x 12"

Pastel Beach, Art print, © Betty Butler, 18" x 12"


 I have photographed imagined beaches that are composed of starfish, sand dollars and shells. They are digitally blended with the bright color of acrylic painting. The resulting beach art is a spectacular show of lights that flow across a tranquil shore.
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Blue Beach, Art print, © Betty Butler, 12" x 12"

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Creating a digital painting

The digital print above, Shell and Shore, Betty Butler ©2014, explores the abstract beauty of the shell. A charcoal drawing, below, was scanned and enhanced by digital painting and line drawings to portray a feeling of movement. To create contrast, some of the charcoal drawing peeks through in various places.
I was honored to win a 2014, 3rd showcase award in the new-media category at, a contemporary art network for the above work. Check it out here:
Charcoal drawing basis for Shell and Shore
Betty Butler, ©2014 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Art of the Shell

This new art series explores the beauty of the shell and continues my exploration of organic forms, abstract and representational. I have utilized a mixed media of charcoal drawing, digital painting and photography. Enjoy the colors of turquoise, purple and gold that evoke water and sand.
Above: Purple Shell and Royal Blue Shell, digital collages, 14" x 11", Betty Butler, copyright 2014

Friday, March 29, 2013

New image receives award

Hydrangea Surprise, digital collage, 11" x 16", Betty Butler 2013
I am honored to have received another ArtSlant network showcase award in the new-media category, for the above image. I used lots of filters and layers within Photoshop to achieve the final result. Click on the following link to see how works.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

South Dakota inspired contemporary art

Presidential Prism, copyright 2013, Betty Butler & Julie Wishmeyer, 14" x 20"

I have not yet traveled to see Mount Rushmore, but I have learned about it and other landmarks through my collaboration with South Dakota artist friend Julie Wishmeyer. Julie is a prolific collage/assemblage artist, who after moving to the Black Hills from Chicago states, "I discovered I really needed to be in the hills, on a daily contemplative drive. The curves and landscape inspire the photography."
We decided to produce a series combining a mutual love of nature, beauty and collage. Here are some of the resulting digital collages of Julie’s photographs and my painting.  

 Swept Bad Lands, copyright 2013, Betty Butler & Julie Wishmeyer, 8.5" x 18"

South  Dakota art
Double Bad Lands, copyright 2013, Betty Butler & Julie Wishmeyer, 8.5" x 36"

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Glowing Landscapes

Glowing Landscape I, copyright 2012, Betty Butler, H 16" x W 12"
Starting with a scan of my own painting, I just had fun, adding photographs of clouds and leaves, drawing into them and trying new applications of Photoshop. 

Glowing Clouds, copyright 2012, Betty Butler, H 12" x W 16"
 In this image, seasonal change takes center stage as the winter sky is not dreary, but lit up with color and pattern through my juxtaposition of painting and photography.

Radiant Space, copyright 2012, Betty Butler, H 20" x W 16"
Glowing Landscape II, copyright 2012, Betty Butler, H 16" x W 12"